Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Unwise Wyser Loses

Last week, after posting a story about embattled Marion County District Attorney candidate David Wyser, (pictured upside down like his political campaign) an anonymous critic labeled our post as "Blah blah blah blah" in the comments section.

Wyser, a Rove Republican Racket follower who at one time was a sure thing and only candidate in the Republican primary, was whooped at the election polls yesterday.

Wyser's opponent, Lee Buckingham, entered the race near the qualification deadline. In our previous post, we mentioned how Wyser had threatened Buckingham the day before the deadline to drop out of the race.

Wyser wanted it all and now he has rocks.

The Indianapolis Star reports:
David Wyser, chief trial deputy in the Marion County office, lost to Lee Buckingham, a man who joined the Hamilton County prosecutor's race with only a few months to go and no campaign finances to compete with Wyser's six-figure war chest. Buckingham took about 54 percent of the vote in one of the area's most hotly contested Republican primaries and is in line to win the office in heavily Republican Hamilton County. The race was close until the final votes were tallied. Wyser blamed news coverage for his defeat. He was unopposed until media reports scrutinized a campaign contribution he received -- and eventually returned -- from the father of a convicted murderer whose sentence he modified. He lost some support and acquired an opponent after those reports.
 Wyser now sounds like he's saying "blah, blah, blah, blah."

Wyser lost because he was a political idiot who tried to intimidate his opponents. Wyser lost because like a political  idiot he took pay to play money from "Daddy" of a murderer.Wyser lost because he is what is wrong with the Rove Republican Racket: it's everyone's fault but mine.

Money can't buy you love, David.