Monday, May 10, 2010

Federal Prosecutors are "Sore Losers"

Some members of the Obama DOJ team are acting like the Rove Republican Racket and have now begun to target right-wing fringe groups because of the hate-speech and anti-government views these groups espouse. Freedom of speech, no matter how politically deplorable, is not a crime.

As we reported last week, the U.S. Attorneys involved in the case against the Michigan Militia were scrambling after a judge found no solid evidence against the suspects. She ordered the suspects released.

At the last minute, the U.S. Attorney's Office appealed the decision and was granted a stay. The nine militia members are still being held in custody.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

Prosecutors immediately asked for -- and got -- a stay until they could get permission to appeal, which happened Wednesday. But [the judge] dissolved the stay late Wednesday, saying the government had failed to change her mind. The defendants were on the verge of being released Thursday morning when prosecutors informed defense lawyers that they had obtained a temporary stay from the Court of Appeals. Defense attorney Mark Satawa, who represents suspect Michael Meeks, said he still expects to prevail."It's unfortunate that the government is such sore losers," Satawa said. "They're only delaying the inevitable."

U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts in Detroit had thoroughly reviewed the evidence against the members and concluded they were neither a danger to the community nor a flight risk and could be freed with more than two dozen bond restrictions, including house arrest, electronic monitoring and curfews.Among other things, federal prosecutors and an FBI agent who was called to testify last week during detention hearings, "could not provide any differentiation between the conduct" of the nine indicted Hutaree members and the 25 unindicted members.