Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bumbling Brizzi Crashes Golf Cart

Outgoing Rove Republican District Attorney of Indianapolis, Carl Brizzi,whose not so wise hand-picked successor lost in a recent Republican primary, has another scandal to deal with: crashing a golf cart.

Brizzi, who is linked to Republican Timothy S. Durham accused of swindling $200 million from Ohio retirees, has been repeatedly asked to resign by Republican officials but refuses to do so because he'll lose the pension he will receive if he stays until the end of his term late this year.

The Rove Republican Racket drove real justice off the cliff, but Brizzi drove incompetence to the top of the mountain.

Now he can't control a golf cart.

Local Indianapolis NBC affiliate reports:
Metro Police have issued results of an internal investigation involving Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi's security detail. The investigation resulted in the department suspending one of Brizzi's security officers.When Carl Brizzi goes out in public, he is often protected by off-duty IMPD detectives. That was the case in October 2008, when during a golf fundraiser for Brizzi's campaign, a golf cart driven by Brizzi crashed as he was trying to avoid a collision with a vehicle. A member of his security team also in the cart was injured. But in the police report filed by IMPD supervisor Sgt. Michael Thayer, there was no mention that Brizzi was driving the cart. An IMPD investigation launched by public safety director Frank Straub found that although Thayer later learned Brizzi was indeed behind the wheel, he never amended the report. As a result, Thayer is suspended without pay for one day and has been reassigned within the department.

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