Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rove Protege Faces Primary Challenger in Arkansas

Rove Republican Racket's anointed chosen son, Tim Griffin, Karl Rove's former hatchet man who looked for dirt on political opponents and discouraged minorities from voting during the Rove-Bush-Cheney Administration, was once viewed as a shoe in for the race for the Republican nomination of the Second Congressional District in Arkansas.

Karl Rove fired the local U.S. Attorney in Little Rock in 2006 to make way for young Griffin but he was never confirmed by the U.S. Senate and resigned months into his new assignment.

However, in his race to be a congressman, Griffin now faces some local grown, down to earth competition, Scott Wallace (pictured).  Even though Griffin has tried to cut his ties with Rove, voters and disgruntled Republicans aren't buying it.

The Arkansas Times opines:
Wallace has the support of a few prominent Arkansas Republicans, including Mike Huckabee, Gay White and John Paul Hammerschmidt, and his own insistence that he's more of an Arkansan than Griffin, whom he calls a Washington insider. It seems hardly a full quiver, but he may not need many arrows. “You have a choice between a Washington, D.C., insider and a hometown businessman who's created hundreds of jobs for Arkansans and been serving his community for a quarter of a century,” Wallace says. “He is the hand-picked establishment candidate, but we've done two different polls and we're leading in both.” Wallace also has a better chance to defeat the Democratic nominee in November, he says. “We don't have the D.C. baggage my opponent has. We won't have to deal with the issues the national Democratic Party is going to raise against him.”