Monday, May 24, 2010

Alabama Asst. DA Arrested for Extortion

As the Rove Republican Racket slowly falls apart,  followers of the Rove machine in Republican strongholds like Alabama are screwing up.

Last week, Assistant DA Frank Selman Teel of Alabama (pictured) allegedly tried to shake down millions of dollars from a defendant in a civil matter who could have face capital murder charges in a criminal case.

The defendant was involved in a 1995 explosion that killed two men.

A local NBC affiliate from Montgomery reported:
[Alabama] Attorney General Troy King and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation announced Thursday the arrests of an assistant district attorney in Coosa County, Frank Selman Teel, and a Gadsden attorney, Frank Wayne Bailey, for felony charges of extortion, bribery and ethics violations. The two are accused of using the threat of indictment to force the settlement of a civil lawsuit for millions of dollars, and alternatively, offering to try to keep the man from being charged if he did pay the money. Agents of the Attorney General's Office and the ABI arrested the two men late Wednesday night after they accepted a check for $1 million. This morning they were being held in the Etowah County Jail, with bond totaling $10,000 for each defendant.Teel, 59, of Sylacauga, is an assistant district attorney in Coosa County who also practices private law in Rockford.  Teel and Bailey, 58, were handling a civil lawsuit against a man who could face capital murder charges. Warrants were issued detailing charges in Etowah County District Court against the defendants.
 This is the video report from the same NBC TV station.

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