Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Very Good Question, Indeed

In today's Montgomery Advertiser, a leading article focused on the debate over Alabama's ethics law. Both Republicans and Democrats seem to disagree with Republican Alabama Governor Bob Riley's interpretation.

There is quite an interesting passage inside the article:

"People, including those watching the case of former Gov. Don Siegelman, know that there are laws against quid pro quo, exchanging something of value for an official action. They argue prosecutors did not prove quid pro quo against Siegelman, but he was convicted of appointing Richard Scrushy to a state board in exchange for a large donation to a failed lottery campaign."

The governor's spokesperson then "asked who is supposed to determine whether a gift was given to influence."

A very good question, indeed! Maybe he and his boss should look in the mirror.

Riley's friends at the Rove Republican Racket targeted Siegelman. The Rove Republican Racket "determined"by their almighty wisdom that Siegelman was being influenced by a gift.

The Rove Racket now acts like the Puritans of Clean Politics when the whole case was nothing more than a political prosecution by the U.S. Attorneys Office used to destabilize the Democratic Party in Alabama.