Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rove´s Advice

Karl Rove was in Northeastern Pennsylvania yesterday. Here's what the Times Leader wrote:

"From the simple dining room of Tony’s Restaurant in Kingston to the academic surrounds of Wilkes University, Republican strategist Karl Rove on Wednesday discussed the art of political campaigning. He discounted the importance of superior fundraising and warned against over-reliance on attacking an opponent....Rove told the students good campaigns are persistent, have lots of good data and achievable goals. He said there is a right way and a wrong way to criticize opponents."

Rove disingenuously discounted the importance of superior fundraising. Both Bush and Obama have broken fundraising records to win the presidency.

It appears now that the "right way" to criticize opponents is to politicize the U.S. Department of Justice and simply prosecute your opponents and their top fundraisers.

The achievable goals have been Siegelman, Minor, Schmitz, etc. So persistent were these prosecutors, that many folks were prosecuted TWICE after the DOJ initially failed to prove their guilt in round one of a bogus political witch hunt.