Friday, April 10, 2009

Complaints of Chilling Effect

Now comes word today, from Fox News, that Judicial Watch, the fringe group that targeted the Clinton Administration in the late 1990s, is complaining that the tossing out of the Stevens conviction due to prosecutorial misconduct will cause a "chilling effect" on prosecutors who target political corruption.

That's a load of crop dusters!

The only purpose of the Rove Republican Racket's political prosecutions was to cause a "chilling effect" on free speech and political participation. To chastise Attorney General Eric Holder for doing the right thing is unbelievable!

However, Fox News notes the following:

Though Holder has warned his attorneys that misconduct will not be tolerated and told them doing justice is more important to him than winning convictions, he's also tried to nip in the bud any reluctance on behalf of his staff to tackle public corruption.
Holder held a series of private meetings with Justice Department attorneys Thursday to encourage them to keep aggressively pursuing public corruption, despite the unraveling of the Stevens case. A Justice Department official said Holder spoke to lawyers in more than a dozen sections and offices at three different buildings. His message to the prosecutors: Push fraud and corruption cases assertively, and don't feel you need to sit back because of criticism about problems with Stevens' trial and conviction. Holder told reporters Thursday he's taking "a hard look at a variety of things in the department" as a result of the problems with the Stevens case.