Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Racket Wiretaps Congresswoman

Breaking News: In explosive allegations that broke over the weekend by CQ.com, Democratic Congresswoman Jane Harman was wiretapped in 2005 by the Rove Republican Racket speaking to an Israeli lobbyist and offering to soften the prosecution of two Israeli lobbyists in exchange for support for a Congressional committee appointment.

But the most interesting (and ironic) item in this breaking scandal is the following (from CNN): "CQ.com also reported that after the intercept, the FBI tried to open an investigation of Harman, but then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales pulled the plug because he wanted Harman's help defending the controversial domestic warrantless wiretapping program, which she supported."

Obviously, Gonzales' decision was pure politics. The Rove Racket successfully turned the U.S. Department of Justice into a branch of its political army.

CQ.com broke the story and here is the link. CNN did a follow up interview and the story is here. Harman has called on Attorney General Eric Holder to release any and all transcripts immediately.

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  1. Now that's irony, some politician that would've gotten into hot water via wiretap supporting wiretapping all around- then again, she never had to answer for her misdeeds, thanks to the Rove political machine.