Monday, March 29, 2010

Transparent Flops

As we wrote earlier this year, right-wing blogger Alan Lange and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Dawson of Mississippi (pictured) have written a flop of  a book called "Kings of Tort."

The book is a collection of "inside" knowledge about the political prosecution of a Democratic fundraiser, Paul Minor, and the set-up and prosecution of a Democratic booster and famed-trial lawyer,  Dickie Scruggs, by agents of the Rove Republican Racket.

Last week, supposedly these "co-authors" had a book signing in Jackson, Mississippi with yet another dismal showing.

With boxes and boxes of books still to be sold, we won't be surprised if you'll  find copies selling for $2.99 in a year or so.

On the eve of their book signing fiasco, Lange boasted on his right-wing blog about winning a court ruling in Mississippi that opens sealed documents in a court case involving the embattled State Attorney General of Mississippi and State Farm Insurance. Lange relishes about how the media won and there would be more government transparency.

Maybe Lange can get his co-author to demonstrate some transparency about his secret government (book writing?) contract and the use of federal employees to research the book. Maybe Lange and Dawson can be more transparent about when they actually met, planned, outlined, and started writing their flop of a book.

Our strong guess is they won't and Dawson, like his "Flop of Tort," will become more irrelevant as the days go by.