Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Karl Rove's Bigger Mistake

Karl Rove, the mastermind of the Bush Presidency, is publishing a much anticipated memoir that will be on bookshelves this coming Tuesday, March 9. Excerpts and analysis of the book hit the mainstream media tonight as a prelude to a media blitz that will bombard and dominate political talk shows over the weekend.

The Associated Press reports tonight:
Republican strategist Karl Rove says in a new memoir that the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq badly damaged the Bush administration's credibility and led to dwindling public support for the war.The former White House political adviser blames himself for not pushing back against claims that President George W. Bush had taken the country to war under false pretenses, calling it one of the worst mistakes he made during the Bush presidency. The president, he adds, did not knowingly mislead the American public about the existence of such weapons.
Now we are wondering what Karl Rove wrote about an even bigger mistake: the 2006 firing of nine U.S. Attorneys that led to political prosecutions and prosecutorial misconduct by some of the most partisan and unethical U.S. Attorneys in U.S. history.