Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Federal Agent Abuses Power

The rotten, decaying leftovers of the Rove Republican Racket have left a stench in the federal government. Federal agents from the FBI to the DEA were used during the Bush years to target political enemies, and the power to destroy innocent people looks like it went straight up their nostrils.

From Worcester, Masachusetts today:
A man who abused his position as an analyst in the Worcester office of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to harass his former girlfriend was sentenced to 18 months in prison today in U.S. District Court.  Earl S. Hoffman Jr., 41, was a member of the Massachusetts National Guard assigned to the DEA when he used a DEA computer in 2007 to access driver's license information and the criminal record of a woman with whom he had been intimate before the relationship ended badly.

Mr. Hoffman pleaded guilty Oct. 2 to making false statements, falsifying records in a federal investigation, defrauding DEA and the National Guard through theft of his honest services and violation of the driver's privacy protection act.  After the driver's license picture was e-mailed to the woman's minor son, along with an insult in one instance and a picture of female genitalia in another, Mr. Hoffman was questioned about why he had obtained her confidential information.
Worse, Hoffman fled the country and went to work for a security company in Iraq that took over contracts once assigned to Blackwater, the alleged masterminds of the Iraqi massacre.

After Mr. Hoffman learned that the state police were filing charges against him, he left the country, going to work in Iraq in March 2008 for Triple Canopy Security, which took over the security contracts once held by Blackwater security company. He was arrested after trying to return to the United States through a remote border crossing in Canada. He had been suspended in December 2008 when the security company learned of the warrants against him.
Who says federal agents can't lie? Who says federal agents don't abuse their power?