Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birotte's Ego Can't Avoid the Spotlight

In yesterday's post, we stated that the U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles was involved with the investigation of a sushi restaurant that served whale meat in part because the national spotlight was too tempting.

We were dead right.

The Los Angeles Times reports today:
Federal prosecutors Wednesday filed criminal charges against a Santa Monica sushi restaurant and one of its chefs, alleging they had sold meat from an endangered whale.  The Hump, a hip hangout at Santa Monica Airport, immediately said through attorney Gary Lincenberg that it accepted "responsibility for the wrongdoing charged by the U.S. attorney" and would pay a fine and resolve the matter in court. "Someone should not be able to walk into a restaurant and order a plate of an endangered species," U.S. Atty. André Birotte Jr. wrote in a news release.
Mr. Birotte (pictured) even issued a news release.

The media blitz has caused over 1,000 news stories to post around the globe. We expect this story to grow on tabloid TV being that the filmakers of "The Cove" were involved in this sting operation.

Usually an Assistant U.S. Attorney would have handled this case, but Birotte loves the attention. It is shameful that an Obama appointee has mirrored the Rove Republican Racket in being self-absorbed with himself, his self-righteousness, his ego.

Do not be surprised if Birotte runs for higher office, or falls on his own sword and pops his ego on the way down.