Friday, September 4, 2009

Pied Piper Peters Entangles Eaton Even Further

Remember that corrupt ex-DA from Mississippi named Ed Peters? He's the Pied Piper who plays a beautiful tune that lures lawyers, U.S. Attorneys, and fools of the Rove Republican Racket into a drowning river of deception.

A quick review:

Now, this week, the Pied Piper Peters caused an expanding legal fight in the Eaton vs. Frisby case.

From the Jackson Clarion Ledger:

Frisby attorneys allege DeLaughter's rulings favored Eaton once Peters, a former Hinds County district attorney, entered the case on behalf of Eaton. Peters' alleged influence on DeLaughter in the Eaton vs. Frisby case has come up in DeLaughter's unrelated criminal case involving former lawyer Dickie Scruggs. DeLaughter pleaded guilty to a federal obstruction of justice charge in that case. Peters was granted immunity. In motions filed Tuesday, Frisby's legal team asks the judge overseeing DeLaughter's criminal case to release all statements or grand jury testimony made by Peters regarding Eaton vs. Frisby.

"The Frisby litigants are now trying to determine exactly who was involved, along with Peters, in the (alleged) successful attempt to influence Judge DeLaughter's rulings in Eaton v. Frisby," according to court documents. Assistant U.S. Attorney Bob Norman said he wouldn't turn over the information without a court order because grand jury information is kept secret by law. He wouldn't comment further. No ruling has been made on the motions.

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