Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Looking in the Mirror

Many U.S. Attorneys of the Rove Republican Racket love to charge and prosecute political enemies using the "Honest Services Fraud" Statute.

In Georgia, an Acting U.S. Attorney stated the following Friday regarding a judge who was prosecuted under that charge:

"The essence of the honest services fraud charge was that the defendant allowed his judicial decisions to be manipulated by outside influences from improper sources, such as the requests of particular individuals who had his ear regarding special treatment for some of those who appeared or had cases before him," said Acting United States Attorney G. F. "Pete" Peterman, III. "Our goal throughout this and related prosecutions has been to ensure that judicial and law enforcement decisions made in the Alapaha Judicial Circuit are properly based on the dictates of the law and basic fairness, in an open and public proceeding, rather than through favoritism and improper influence in private chambers."

With that, we ask, will U.S. Attorneys from the Rove-Bush era look in the mirror?

How many U.S. Attorneys and Assistant U.S. Attorneys have been influenced through favoritism to prosecute the innocent, to improperly influence grand jury indictments on meritless cases, to throw political prisoners in jail because of manipulation by outside influences, including the media?