Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Siegelman Case Rises Again

The wrongful conviction of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman is elevating again, slowly in the news. We expect the spotlight to rise in the forthcoming weeks especially on the heels of a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision on the Paul Minor case.

The MetroWest Daily News of Framingham, Massachusetts has an opinion piece that posted yesterday. Here is an excerpt:

Attorney General Holder must immediately reverse the government's position and ask the court to vacate the convictions of (former Alabama) Gov. Siegelman, and failing all else, President Obama must pardon Gov.
Siegelman to stop a gross miscarriage of justice. Not only that, Congress must, as a first priority, finally enforce the subpoenas that Karl Rove has been thumbing his nose at for over a year, and he must be compelled to testify about his role in politically motivated persecution of Gov. Don Siegelman.