Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Liars and Alice H. Martin

As we mentioned in our previous post, the Rove Racket lost its case against former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy for accounting improprieties and fraud.

One of the top prosecutors of this failed case was none other than embattled U.S. Attorney Alice H. Martin. Martin has excelled at establishing herself as one of the top prosecutors of "political corruption." The truth is "political corruption" is a cover for "political persecution" of Democrats. Martin is the same one who targeted Sue Schmitz. Remember, it took two trials to convict Schmitz.

Now a civil case is spotlighting the details on why Martin and the Rove Republican Racket lost this case. From the Birmingham News:

Lawyers for Richard Scrushy said in their closing statements of his civil trial the former HealthSouth Corp. chief executive was torpedoed by dishonest subordinates. Jim Parkman told Jefferson Circuit Judge Allwin Horn shareholders for the company put on witnesses who had already pleaded guilty to the fraud at the Birmingham-based company. "Bill Owens was the architect of the fraud," Parkman said, speaking of the the company's former chief financial officer, who is imprisoned after pleading guilty. "He has lied and lied." Parkman also said two witnesses -- former Scrushy bodyguard Jim Goodreau and former HealthSouth in-house lawyer Bill Horton -- gave testimony in Scrushy's favor. Goodreau, a former Alabama State Trooper, and Horton, a lawyer in good standing, should be believed over the five former CFOs who pleaded guilty and blame Scrushy, he said.