Monday, February 15, 2010

Silicon Valley Softening

Dolores Carr, the Rove Republican Racket member from the Silicon Valley and District Attorney of Santa Clara County, California, is softening her boycott of a judge who ripped her staff for gross prosecutorial misconduct.

Carr hit the nuclear button at the tail end of last month and ordered a boycott of the judge.

Now, she's changing her tune.

The Associated Press reports:
The Santa Clara County District Attorney appears to be softening her boycott of a superior court judge. Dolores Carr had come under fire from some in the legal community after instructing prosecutors on her staff last month not to bring any criminal cases before Judge Andrea Bryan. But a spokesman for Carr said Monday she only intended for the ban to cover felonies, not misdemeanors such as petty theft and trespassing.  Carr had said in January her decision was based on a number of Bryan's rulings. Bryan had angered the district attorney's office earlier that month when she ordered the release of a man convicted of child molestation, citing prosecutorial misconduct. Some legal experts were critical of Carr's decision, saying it could affect judicial oversight of prosecutors.