Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Neilson Sings like a Canary

The Mississippi Canary has begun to sing.

Let the hemorrhaging begin! Greenlee and his racist, corrupt, unconscionable, and unethical stooges deserve to be publicly humiliated.

As details emerge, it looks more and more like FBI Whistleblower Hal Neilson was set up and retaliated against by Rove Racket Republican and former U.S. Attorney Jim H. Greenlee of the Northern District of Mississippi.

With the headline "Greenlee was out to get me," the Daily Journal reports:
FBI agent Hal Neilson’s professional troubles apparently began some five years ago, when he says he discovered a U.S. attorney’s office investigation for “no reason” into nearly 150 north Mississippi residents of Middle Eastern origins and then later questioned the handling of the Mississippi Beef Plant investigation. When Neilson reported his concerns, he asked his employer for protection against retaliation. At that time, he was the FBI’s resident agent in Oxford. As of today, he reportedly has never heard a response.

Neilson’s accusations come from his own e-mail to Mississippi’s congressional delegation months ago and other documents supplied to the Daily Journal, though not by him. In the messages, he voices his concern about his job and why he believes his relationship with Greenlee fell apart starting about 2004. Chiefly, Neilson points to his opposition to the so-called Convenience Store Initiative, which involved the Middle Easterners, and internal pressure about the beef plant case.

After leading the [Beef Plant] effort for about a year, [Neilson] was removed from the investigation and told by his supervisor that Greenlee complained the case was at a standstill. Neilson apparently told his supervisor that any holdups were due to attempts by the U.S. attorney’s office to steer the investigation.
Neilson, who was indicted last month on a property scheme, states in documents obtained by the Daily Journal:
“A subsequent FBI Inspection investigation followed and found absolutely no wrongdoing on my part,” Neilson’s e-mail said. A few months later, Neilson wrote, he learned he was under investigation about a 2005 investment and its financial disclosure – which bypassed the FBI to the Department of Justice’s inspector general and the Baton Rouge, La., U.S. attorney. Neilson told the congressional delegation he received an “oral” OK from the FBI to make the investment, and offered to take a polygraph and leave the area to get away from the situation.“It has cost me my lifetime savings for my four children’s college education and more,” he noted. “I have just one year left to retire and am concerned if I will even make it.”
We alluded to this scheme last week as Greenlee and friends attempted damage control.  Now the mainstream media has confirmed it.

Sing. Sing a song. Sing out loud. Sing out strong!

h/t NorthMissCommentor