Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eleven Weeks to Point Fingers

Embattled Acting U.S. Attorney Timothy M. Morrison of the Southern District of Indiana let them keep quiet and finally they have started pointing fingers. 

In November, Morrison helped his Rove Republican Racket friend Timothy S. Durham keep all his cash and assets even though Durham allegedly operated a Ponzi scheme that may have defrauded thousands of investors, mostly retirees, of millions.

The alleged scheme was operated through Fair Finance Company of Ohio. The company, since November, has remained quiet until now.

Fair Finance is now headed to bankruptcy court and in court filings Fair Finance blames all its economic woes (yes, us!) and the FBI.

The (Wooster, Ohio) Daily-Record reports today that in the filing, Fair Finance Company lawyers write:

"Until ... FBI agents stormed Fair's home office in Akron and seized the computers and business records that it must have to operate, Fair had never missed a scheduled payment to any of its investment certificate holders," the filing said. "If not for the FBI's surprise raid and the seizure of the tools Fair needs to do business, the company would likely be making timely payments to its certificate holders today. For the past 11 weeks since its offices were raided, Fair, its officers and its affiliates have been subjected to withering -- and false -- attacks from the media, from Internet commentators, from politicians, and from understandably confused and upset certificate holders."
This is pathetic. Pathetic finger pointing.

Durham could have simply called HP, ordered a few new computers and used a back-up drive to set-up shop again. Fair Finance and their shark attorneys appear to be full of it.  In this day and age, to blame millions of dollars in losses on the incapacity to replace a hard drive or computer network in 11 weeks time is just not believable.

Although we have reported the facts including the connection of political bedfellows Morrison and Durham, to blame our commentaries on their losses is beyond pathetic; it is, as the politically incorrect term applies, retarded.