Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rove's Boots on Man's Neck

What happens if you do not cooperate with The Rove Republican Racket? Serious consequences.

A few years ago, agents of the Rove-Bush Justice Department approached a Muslim leader in the Boston area. When he refused to act as an informant, they put their boots to his neck.

On Wednesday, the feds arrested him.

From the MetroWest Daily News (Framigham, MA):

The brother of a Sudbury man facing terrorism-related charges said in a message yesterday that federal investigators falsely targeted Tarek Mehanna because he refused to act as an informant for them. In a post on a group he set up on the social networking site calling for his brother's release, Tamer Mehanna wrote that the FBI in Boston began approaching his older brother several years ago.

The FBI recognized that Mehanna, 27, is active and respected in the local Islamic community, "an individual who is intelligent, charismatic, influential and trusted by many," his brother wrote. "Their objective was to secure Tariq as a tool to corroborate any FBI claims or accusations against members of the community that might arise, at the discretion of the FBI," Tamer wrote. "Of course, Tariq flat out refused to backstab his fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, a decision that did not sit well at all with the FBI."

Investigators repeatedly approached Mehanna in the months afterward, his brother wrote, pressuring him to cooperate or "they would continue finding new ways to disrupt his life and to deprive him of a sense of security."

They certainly have.

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