Friday, October 30, 2009

Massachusetts Shenanigans

A prominent politician (pictured) in Massachusetts was indicted for corruption by the Rove Republican Racket. In turn, he resigned in January.

Now the retirement board has cut off his retirement income, even though he has not been convicted of a crime yet.

The Boston Globe writes today:

The State Retirement Board suspended pension payments yesterday to former House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi while he awaits trial on federal corruption charges. DiMasi’s lawyer, Thomas Kiley, called the board’s action unlawful and vowed to go to court as soon as possible to get the decision reversed.

The board voted in executive session to withhold DiMasi’s $5,000-a-month pension, though the criminal case against DiMasi has yet to be heard by a federal jury. The suspension will take effect Sunday.

But Kiley contended that the board has no right to take away DiMasi’s pension without a full hearing where he could question witnesses. DiMasi requested such a hearing, and [State Treasurer Timoothy P.] Cahill agreed.
So why wasn't there a hearing? The Rove Republican Racket's henchmen in the Department of Justice didn't want it!

The Boston Globe writes:
But in late June federal prosecutors asked [Cahill] to hold off, saying the pension proceedings could harm the federal prosecution.

“With this principle in mind,’’ acting US Attorney Michael Loucks wrote in a June 24 letter, “I am requesting that you defer board proceedings until the conclusion of the criminal case.’’“My position is clear,’’ Kiley said yesterday. “They don’t have any authority whatsoever to suspend without giving us a full evidentiary hearing. We will pursue whatever remedies are available to us.’’
So why did Cahill intentionally cut DiMasi off even though there was no evidentiary hearing? Maybe because he's running for Governor next year.