Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Talk About Stupid

From the Post-Tribune of Northwest Indiana:

Newton County Prosecutor J. Edward Barce, who is serving as special prosecutor in a case involving a Gary lawyer charged with trafficking with an inmate, let his law license go into inactive status for more than three years. Until four months ago, Barce's license had been on inactive status since Aug. 5, 2005, according to Donald Lundberg, executive secretary of the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission. Barce reactivated his license on Feb. 23, Lundberg said. Barce's license status was one of the reasons cited by Jerome Taylor in seeking the dismissal of the trafficking with an inmate case Barce filed in June 2007 against Taylor's client, Gary attorney Carl Jones.

1 comment:

  1. This idiot (Barce) will have no consequences to deal with due to his misconduct since he is "in with the good ol' boy network". The corruption in Newton county is disgusting!