Friday, July 17, 2009

Lying Assistant U.S. Attorney

Now we have solid proof that members of the legal and political arm of the Rove Racket, the bias appointees of the U.S. Attorney offices, lie to entrap.

From the Fulton County (GA) Daily Record:

A pretrial hearing last week explored how far federal prosecutors and agents in middle Georgia were willing to go to secure the 40-count indictment of Columbus attorney J. Mark Shelnutt. During two days of testimony, a federal prosecutor acknowledged that he had lied to Shelnutt, and federal agents testified that they enlisted at least one criminal defense attorney as an undercover informant in order to elicit evidence that might be used to prosecute Shelnutt....[The federal judge], who spent much of the hearing interrogating both witnesses and counsel from the bench, said he was troubled by Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason M. Ferguson's admission that he had lied to Shelnutt as the two prepared for a meeting about one of Shelnutt's federal defendants. Ferguson said he told Shelnutt that he did not intend to record the meeting when he secretly was doing so already. When Ferguson claimed that he had permission from his supervisor, the criminal chief of the U.S. Attorney's Office in Macon, to lie to Shelnutt, [the judege] responded, "I'm shocked. ... There's got to be some policy about when a U.S. Attorney can lie."

Ferguson became an Assistant U.S. Attorney after Rove and Bush took over the White House in 2001.


  1. Soon they'll arrest Canadians for providing pain relief

  2. USA and AUSA lying? AG Eric Holder needs to shut these unethical bozos down.