Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Self-Serving Remnants

Last night, Dana Jill Simpson posted a piece for OpEdNews.com focusing on the Rove-Bush-Cheney U.S. Department of Justice. Here is a brief excerpt:

Today there are over 700 people in America...that are fighting the Justice Department because they consider themselves political prisoners. They all thought at first they were the only one with this kind of problem but now realize it was a common plan and scheme by the Bush administration. It is time for our nation to accept that our Justice Department lost her way during the Bush Administration and that Mr Karl Rove help[ed] turn the DOJ into a political machine to establish Republican Rule. It appears as a result of that people at the Justice Department forgot their duty is not to a President or to his political party but is to seek Justice for all.... The Obama Justice Department should start looking at cases like Richard Scrushy, Don Siegelman and Paul Minor and start releasing the political prisoners that the Bush Administration captured and held knowing these men were guilty of nothing but standing up for what they believed was right.

She is right: the Obama Administration must review these cases and end the political witch hunts by self-serving remnants of the Bush Administration who still serve as U.S. Attorneys or Assistant U.S. Attorneys.