Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Holder Rejects Rove-Bush Political Favoritism

Today, there is a must read story on FOX NEWS about our new U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the four portraits he has chosen for his conference room.

In addition, the politicization of the Justice Department is one of the key issues discussed in the story. If you are too busy to read the whole story (link), here is an excerpt:

Gonzales resigned in August 2007, amid accusations that nine U.S. attorneys were inappropriately fired a year earlier. Since then, the Justice Department's inspector general has issued four reports accusing Justice Department officials of making politically-motivated decisions in the course of their work. Still, at his swearing-in ceremony last month, Holder promised that his Justice Department would be "no place for political favoritism," which he called "a break from the immediate past."....One of the inspector general's reports issued last year focused on hiring practices within [Former Attorney General Alberto] Gonzales' Civil Rights Division. It found that one top-ranking official in the division hired 63 attorneys with conservative affiliations and only two attorneys with liberal affiliations. Holder has since said "reinvigorating" the Civil Rights Division is "a priority" for him. "The notion that the Justice Department would ever take into account a person's political affiliation or political beliefs in making hiring decisions is antithetical to everything that the department stands for and everything that I'm familiar with," Holder said at his confirmation hearing.