Thursday, March 26, 2009

The $367,575 Search for the Rove Racket Emails

As readers know, in the ongoing investigation of the nine fired U.S. Attorneys by the Rove-Bush-Cheney Administration in 2006, Congress has been seeking Karl Rove's and other Bush White House staff emails. These suspects inappropriately did not use White House or government issued email accounts.

Rove and Bush staffers utilized either outside email accounts (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail) or Republican Party email accounts. (An easy way to circumvent congressional scrutiny or the law.)

The Washington Times posted the following late tonight:

Now comes word from former Federal Election Commission staffer Kent Cooper, who with fellow one-time FECer Tony Raymond launched the popular Web site Capitol Hill Access, [that] the Republican National Committee recently reported to the FEC that it paid computer forensics firm Stroz Friedberg another $25,960 on Jan. 29. "This is the forensics firm that has been looking for 'lost' electronic data, mainly e-mails of Rove," Mr. Cooper noted. "This brings the total paid to Stroz up to $367,575, and that does not include the Covington Burling [legal] payments." The costly search for the electronic mailings began after the RNC informed Congress that it was missing several years' worth of Mr. Rove's e-mails that are sought as part of a wider congressional investigation into the Bush administration.

In other developments, the Rove Republican Racket is under attack with a new TV ad against them. One wonders if the DNC will start focusing on the Rove-Bush-Cheney string of political prisoners.

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