Friday, June 18, 2010

More Trumped-Up Charges in Michigan

The Rove Republican Racket used politics and hysteria to throw political opponents in jail. Now, sadly, the Obama Administration is doing the same in Michigan.

As we reported last month, Obama's U.S. Attorney in Detroit has thrown the book at nine members of the so-called "Michigan Militia," which is made up of right-wing nutballs who appear to be weekend paintball/gun-shooting enthusiasts.

With federal prosecutors scrambling, the case has been crumbling and four members have since been released from custody.  A district judge wanted to release all nine members because the evidence was weak, but the feds appealed. Five members still sit in prison awaiting the appeal court's decision.

Earlier this month, the three-panel appeals court heard the arguments. The La Crosse Tribune reported:
Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathleen Moro Nesi told the judges that the indictment against David Stone, which charges him with conspiracy to commit sedition, includes counts of making and attempting to make illegal explosive devices. Nesi also said Stone led training sessions on how to use the weapons. "He led these occasions and he was the one on more than one occasion using the illegal explosive devices," she said, adding that Stone talked of killing people. Stone's attorney, William Swor, denied that Stone built explosive devices and said the prosecution had no evidence to back that up. He also said Stone has "no criminal or violent history of any kind."
Even though it appears none of these defendants have had a real criminal or violent history, the politics of lynching these so-called "extremists" has caused the feds to only scramble in the wrong direction. On June 2nd, the feds filed more ridiculous and trumped-up charges. The Associated Press reported:
Federal prosecutors on Wednesday filed additional weapons charges against several Midwest militia members who are accused of conspiring to wage war against the United States. The new indictment alleges possession of illegal machine guns or short-barrel rifles by the group's leader, David Stone, sons David Stone Jr. and Joshua Stone, and a fourth man, Joshua Clough.

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