Monday, June 21, 2010

Lone Star Judicial Misconduct?

The Rove Republican Racket likes to be tough on Democrats and others they perceived as criminals. Before George W. Bush became Idiot-in-Chief, he was Governor of Texas, a state known to execute people like flies.

Now a Rove Republican Judge in Texas is being ripped to shreds for her alleged judicial misconduct in Texas. The Associated Press reports:
The top criminal judge in Texas was left waiting Friday to find out if a disciplinary panel would recommend her removal from the state's eminent death-penalty court after charges she closed her courtroom to a death row inmate's last-minute appeal. Judge Sharon Keller declined to comment after a five-hour hearing before the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, where state investigators argued she is "not the right person" to lead the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals if she can't admit to wrongly turning away a condemned inmate's attorneys the night of his execution. The panel adjourned without a decision and offered no timetable for a ruling. Keller, a Republican elected to the court in 2006, faces five counts of judicial misconduct.

"She is the public face of criminal justice in the state of Texas," said Mike McKetta, the attorney leading the state's case against Keller. "She has violated a mandatory principal, a duty of her office, in one of the most time-sensitive and irreversible circumstances."

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