Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fundamental Fairness in Rhode Island

Gerard Sullivan (pictured), the Assistant U.S. Attorney who was caught allegedly drunk driving on Thanksgiving Day and allegedly refused to take a breath test, was formally charged with a DUI on Friday.

Citing "fundamental fairness," the local police chief filed the DUI charges belatedly after being criticized for playing favorites with a member of the Rove Republican Racket.

Sullivan pled not guilty.

Sullivan allegedly used his credentials as an Assistant U.S. Attorney to intimidate local police officers.

From the Associated Press:

WARWICK, R.I. — A veteran federal prosecutor pleaded not guilty Friday to drunken driving after Warwick police charged him following questions about whether he was initially let off the hook because of his law enforcement connections. Gerard Sullivan, 50, was arraigned on one count of driving under the influence and left the courthouse without commenting on the case. District Court Judge J. Terence Houlihan Jr. released Sullivan after he promised to appear at his next court hearing on Dec. 15. Unlike others arrested over the holiday weekend who refused breath tests, Sullivan was not charged with driving under the influence, a criminal charge. That decision contradicted a police department policy of charging suspected drunken drivers who refuse breath tests with the more serious criminal charge when other evidence supports it. After a legal review, [the local police chief] said Friday in a written statement that Sullivan should have been charged with driving under the influence. He called it a case of "fundamental fairness."


  1. You at times in recent weeks have referred to the Assistant U.S. Attorney as Gerald B. Sullivan, not Gerard B. Sullivan. The AUSA in question is Gerard B. Sullivan, not to be confused with Gerald B. Sullivan, an AUSA in Pennsylvania.

  2. We have corrected it. Thank you for alerting us to the spelling error.