Friday, December 11, 2009

Framed by Fitzgerald's Staff?

In September, we wrote about one of  U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's proecutors who was accused of prosecutorial misconduct after allowing a government witness to testify falsely in a drug conspiracy case.

Later, Fitzgerald's office attempted to justify the prosecutor's action by labeling the testimony "truthful, but inaccurate."

Yesterday, a prominent developer, Peter Palivos (pictured), targeted by Fitzgerald's office, claimed he was framed. He accuses Fitzgerald of using a bogus witness who testified falsely.

The Rove Republican Racket enjoyed unjustly locking away political operatives and fundraisers during the Bush years and Palivos was one of them. It seems this pattern of using witnesses who testify falsely is a regular occurence in Chicago.

Fox News Reports:
A former Chicago developer on Thursday claimed that the House Judiciary Committee is in the middle of a four-year investigation into his long-standing complaint that he was framed by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's office six years ago. Fitzgerald has been at the forefront of a slew of high-profile political cases and currently is leading the corruption case against former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Peter Palivos claims Fitzgerald's attorneys framed him during an investigation into another politician, former Gov. George Ryan. Palivos says the attorneys slapped him with a bogus obstruction of justice charge after he wouldn't lie for prosecutors seeking Ryan's conviction in the corruption case, and he claims they even got witnesses to lie in their testimony against Palivos. Palivos was convicted in 2003 and sentenced to a year in prison in 2005. Since then, he has been engaged in a vigorous campaign against Fitzgerald's office and has dragged Congress into it.
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  1. Pavlivos has tried these same claims on appeal and has been rejected THREE TIMES by the federal court of appeals.

    So, now he takes his slander to Congress?

  2. Palivos is a con man. Years earlier his law license was disciplined for submitting falsified documents in federal court. Same thing he was convicted of in this case. Has long history of doing this stuff. Court of Appeals has rejected all of his ridiculous claims. Save your sympathy for someone that deserves it. Palivos is a serial liar.