Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time, Truth, and a Load of Bull

Talk about prosecutorial bull!

In a stunning admission, U.S. prosecutors in Mississippi filed a motion on Monday asking a U.S. District Court to prevent a judge from defending himself in a corruption case.

From today's Associated Press:

Mississippi Judge Bobby DeLaughter, facing federal corruption charges, has said his rulings followed the letter of the law. Federal prosecutors don't want a jury to hear that when his trial begins in August....Prosecutors asked a judge in a pretrial motion filed Monday to block DeLaughter from giving any testimony that his rulings followed the law, claiming it would take weeks during the trial.

So the prosecutors are worried about TIME? What they're really worried about is the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH!

The corruption case rests on the fact that prosecutors, part of the Rove Racket, allege that DeLaughter made corrupt and bias rulings because of a bribery scheme involving a former clerk. Now they won't let him argue that the rulings were sound.