Saturday, June 27, 2009

Diaz Fights Back

The Rove Republican Racket went after Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Oliver Diaz not once, but twice. And they lost both times.

Diaz is now fighting back. He was in Washington DC yesterday.

The Jackson Clarion Ledger writes:

Former Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Oliver Diaz Jr. called on Congress and the Obama administration Friday to step up investigations into what he called "political prosecutions" by the U.S. Justice Department. "There are political prosecutions that have gone on around the country," Diaz said. "Innocent men are sitting in federal prisons. ...It's time for us to do something." Diaz was acquitted of corruption charges in a 2005 federal trial and later on federal tax evasion charges. He joined other targets of recent federal investigations, along with their families and attorneys, at a forum in Washington to press for action against "selective investigations" by federal prosecutors under the Bush administration.

Let's see how U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Congress react.

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