Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Alan Lange's Fall

Alan Lange, the right-wing blogger and Kings of Tort author from Mississippi who foolishly wrote to this blog last year when news reports came out that his co-author, the illustrious Tom Dawson, was planning, outlining and preparing to write the book about active cases while still serving as an Assistant U.S. Attorney of the Northern District of Mississippi, is a hypocrite.

Over the past weekend, the explosive indictment of FBI Agent Hal Neilson in Oxford, Mississippi revealed that internal questions of ethics against Dawson rose up long before their book was published.

Interestingly, in a recent post, Lange berates Charles Evers, brother of assassinated Mississippi civil-rights worker Medgar Evers, for even suggesting that a former local judge be given a full-pardon for lying.

The former judge, Bobby DeLaughter, was recently tossed in jail by the Rove Republican Racket for lying to the FBI but is considered a hero among civil-rights advocates. As a local prosecutor, Delaughter re-opened the civil rights-era case 30 years after the fact and prosecuted the Klansmen that murdered Medgar Evers.

Lange writes:
Evers was quoted as saying, “All he (DeLaughter) did was lie . . . What man can tell me he hasn't lied? You're telling me he should spend 18 months in prison for that?" In fact, Mr. DeLaughter lied about his own involvement in a scheme to improperly influence a proceeding over which he presided. And yes, Mr. Evers, I am telling you that he should spend 18 months in prison for that. As a judge, as a lawyer, and as a smart person, he knew better, which is precisely why he pleaded guilty to the crime.
Lange is a hypocrite.

Lange and Dawson have lied repeatedly about their involvement in a scheme to improperly write, outline, and plan a book while Assistant U.S Attorney Tom Dawson had influence over proceedings he was investigating and eventually wrote about.

The three questions remain unanswered.