Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Crashing End in Michigan

Carl Gabrielse (pictured) was the ideal Rove Republican Racket prosecutor who one day could have been a U.S. Attorney. He was a deputy city prosecutor in Holland, Michigan--the conservative, Republican, and western side of the Great Lakes State.

He sits on the board of the Good Samaritan Ministries which coordinates community services and ministry training among Christian churches. He is married with three children and is a youthful 30-years of age.

On Friday, his life fell apart.

He was fired for allegedly throwing in an extra condition for reducing a drunk driving charge to impaired driving.  A plea deal allegation that shook Holland. Disgraced, Gabrielse was even removed as a guest speaker for the Holland Christian Schools Career Day events later this month.

From yesterday's The Grand Rapids Press:
A deputy city attorney, who is being investigated for reducing a woman's drunken driving offense in exchange for sex inside a jury room, has been fired, City Attorney Andrew Mulder said. Carl Gabrielse, 30, was terminated Friday from the Holland law firm, Cunningham Dalman, a day after it was notified of a probe by Holland police and Ottawa County sheriff's detectives into the alleged misconduct. Gabrielse, who could not be reached for comment, has not been arrested or charged with a crime. A source close to the investigation told The Press that Gabrielse met with the woman defendant at a pre-trial conference and that she had sex with him as part of a plea deal.
And today, his friends and neighbors chimed in:
Those who know deputy Holland City Attorney Carl Gabrielse call allegations against him of sexual and professional misconduct unbelievable. "We were all shocked," said Ottawa County defense attorney Donald Hann. "We cannot believe it, because he seemed to be such an intelligent person." Hann ran into Gabrielse frequently in Holland District Court as part of their duties. "This is a good way to have your career come to a crashing end," Hann said. Gabrielse, 30, was terminated from his job Friday at the Cunningham Dalman, P.C., law firm after allegations surfaced he offered to reduce a 21-year-old Zeeland woman's drunken-driving offense in exchange for sex.
 Read  yesterday's full article here  and today's full article here


  1. How do you know this guy is even a Republican? He fills the deputy prosecutor roll as part of his duties to the law firm he works for which contracts with the city of Holland. Any lawyer has the potential to one day be a US Attorney. Major stretch here to run his and his family's tragic story and label him as an ideal Rove Republican Racket prosecutor. More facts, less conjecture please.

  2. A Republican Administration would have been more inclined to have picked him, regardless of his political affiliation, especially since he is from Michigan's righter half. (Sorry, but that won't be happening.) Tragic? No. Embarrassing? Absolutely.