Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Will Bias Biggers Recuse Himself?

Federal Judge Neal Biggers of Mississippi has been in the middle of some key political prosecutions of leading Democrats by the Rove Republican Racket.

Biggers, who chastised one prominent Democrat operative for having made millions off of judicial litigation while being a non-lawyer, may have a chip on his Republican shoulder against successful Democratic lawyers who happen to be key Democratic Party boosters.

Now comes the case of Dickie Scruggs (pictured), the wealthy tobacco settlement attorney and Democratic Party supporter who is rotting in jail for bribery, sent away by the "Honorable"Judge Biggers.

Judge Biggers' friend Judge Henry Lackey spent about five months setting up Scruggs and his idiot friends on taking the bait.

Biggers also threw the concrete book at Scruggs in another CRIMINAL bribery case called Wilson vs. Scruggs.

But new questions have arisen because Biggers is now overseeing the CIVIL bribery case against Scruggs related to Wilson vs. Scruggs.

Everyone should be asking: Will bias Biggers recuse himself?

The blog Slabbed writes:

The defendants face a mindfield of bias. I find it somewhat incredible, although it may not be unusual, that a judge can preside over a defendant’s criminal trial and then preside over a similar action in a civil trials. Judge Biggers is further compromised by circumstance because the Luckey trial on this same matter was conducted by one of his Magistrate judges. In that case Magistrate Judge Davis gave no consideration to the equity that defines constructive trust. Luckey lacked the clean hands and never denied Scruggs had fired him for cause directly related to the asbestos litigation. When it comes to just treatment of Dick Scruggs by our judicial systems, I’ve yet to see a clean hand although some may only have a smudge.

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